Using Easy C to program the camera.

Our team’s knowledge of C is very limited, so we are using Easy C to get our code running. We got the camera wired to the RC and added the camera values to the code, but we are not sure how to get the camera to track. So far this is what we have done.

  1. Attached the camera power to an unused PWM
  2. Charged and connected the backup battery to the RC
  3. Connected the TTL-232 chip to the RC and connected the cable to the camera
  4. Imported the configuration code from lab view into Easy C as instructed by this document (

Also we are not sure about the pan and tilt servos. Currently they are connected to the camera module, but some posts suggest that the servos are connected to PWM outputs on the RC.

Has anyone been able to get the camera running using Easy C? If so, could you lend some assistance?


When all else fails! Press F1 and you’ll have an answer…

I tried EasyC with the camera, and I failed miserably. I found a bug in EasyC, and I could never get the camera to start tracking. “Hard” C was easier to use with the camera, especially with Kevin’s code. EasyC is good for the general purpose stuff, but when you get into the more advanced stuff it just doesn’t cut it.


btw you can get it working with Easy C . . you just have to start from something that works and build from that

Get in contact with team 40 (pm one of their members on here) THey are supported by intelletek and one of their programming mentors was involved in developing easy c for FRC purposes and for camera use more specifically.

Thanks! We actually found a little gem hidden in the tutorials for Easy C. Tutorial #7 walks you through setting up the camera to follow the light. With a little creativety we’ve managed to get our camera online…