Using Encoders with Labview and Mecanum wheels

we have used the encoders on our mecanum wheel bot and after receiving input, it can be seen that the four wheels don’t rotate at the same speed. How how do we get all the wheels moving at the same speed using labview?

Thanks for your help in this matter and have a great day. :slight_smile:

Step one: Make sure you don’t have any mechanical issues. Any extra friction on the motor/gearbox/axle/wheel system will mess you up, and unbalanced weight distribution can also lead to difficulties in controlling things.

Step two: Make sure your code knows what kind of speed controllers you are using. Victors and Jaguars have somewhat different default response to the PWM signal. The WPI Library motor control functions know about this and take it into account.

Step three: If you are still having problems, ask again (and mention closed-loop speed control).

  1. everything is great mechanically, right now it’s just a frame wheels and electronics,
    2.we re using jaguars, it’s in the programming.

what would the term be for what i am looking for? i want all wheels operating at the same speed, prefferibly without close looped anything, becasue of the rule change this year

we are getting readings from the encoders how do we tell the jags to stay at a constant speed?

Jaguars respond slower than victors, so it would help to know which are on your bot.

once again, we are using jaguars.