Using FIRST experience to earn College credit

When “FIRST” team members are:

“Learning by Doing”[PBL/DBL] research shows they retain 50%

Or when they “Learning by Teaching”[Socratic] they retain 60%

When “Sage on the Stage” has a 5-10%. If students would like to go to University it might be useful to earn College credit while in School.

There are 4 ways of earning College credit:

Univ-online or Brick-n-mortar [expensive & time consuming]

200+ Credit-by-exams[AP/CLEP, DSST, TECEP, NYU-SCPS, etc] $80+/3 units

Challenging University courses…by taking the final examination for the course with the approval of the department]

“FIRST” experience[College credit by Life & experience]

College credit can be earned by Elementary School students]( with the 33 CLEP exams from College Board.
If students use Free World Mentoring Academy(MOOC) to study for the Credit-by-Exams/Challenging courses, & enroll online at Thomas Edison State University(NJ) it is possible to earn a Bachelors for less than $5,000(books & test fees) by the time they graduate from High School. One student earned a Bachelors in 6 mos, another earned 89 units in a month.
The Degree from Thomas Edison is Regionally accredited, so students can then get their Graduate degree from MIT, Stanford etc given they satisfy admission requirements.

With scholarships from FIRST, Corp sponsors. other Competitions & sources, a student can get Free University education. If you would like to help provide Free education PM me or contact Mike at education project World Mentoring Academy(MOOC)