Using Flash

I’ve noticed a few guys using Flash on their sites, and I’ve been interested in that for a while now. I’ve played around with it, but I’ve never really gotten into it. However, now I want to. And I would like to know if anyone here knows any sites with nice tutorials on using Flash in web design, or if anyone wants to post some of their original .fla files so I, or anyone else who wants to learn, could use them as examples. If anyone wants to lend a hand, thank you.

Maybe at you can find something. Hope it can help you. and are two sites that show off the features of flash. The second one has some downloads at

If there’s one site you need to visit, it’s is a great site, and a very active forum

Check out for more examples of what you can do…

CBP@BAE - Merrimack HS Chop Shop

The forums at is an excellent place to go if you have any questions regarding flash or actionscript.

~RJ - webmaster, team 103

The absolute best sites for learning flash are (amazing site) and

Development communities are FANTASTIC sources for information. When you go tthere refer me. lolEnjoy!

I’m the webmaster for (my personal site) as well as (Team 935’s robotics site - we won the St. Louis regional Website Award) and I use Flash on both sites. I’ve been involved with Flash since Flash 4.

As mentioned, is an excellent site for tutorials and examples.

Also, if you have any question that you can’t seem to find an answer to, post it here or feel free to e-mail me and I’ll see what I can do ([email protected]).

Good luck! :slight_smile: