Using FRC Driving station on mac air bootcamp with windows 7 professional

Hi everyone. I am using a mac air that is running windows 7 professional via bootcamp. We want to use this computer as our driver station, but it wont connect to our robot. It connected to the right wifi. The problem is when I click the enable button in the FRC Diver station program version 16.0.2. I get an error saying the connections bad. Our windows expert who set up the driver station thinks it has something to do with the mdns.

PS: We are a rookie team

If anyone understands whats wrong could you please help us?

It looks like the radio is coming and going. When this happens are the LEDs on the radio showing that it is rebooting?

If you open up the log file viewer by clicking on the gear, you can look at more extensive error info.

Greg McKaskle

No it’s not rebooting. It works on 3 other computers and the computer that it doesn’t work on can reach the configuration page by going to the IP rather than the mdns address. The computers that work are running windows 7 home 64 bit and windows 8. The computer that isn’t working is running windows 7 professional. I’m starting to wonder if its not working because were using windows 7 professional?