Using GIT with Labview

Has anyone tried it? (using GIT with Labview) what are some problems you have had? setting up issues? (I have never used GIT before just looking for something to replace “The Flash Drive”)

I hope to be doing the same and its on my todo list to try some things out soon…

I have not done it either, but I attended the Livonia team Beta test day back on December 1st, and they handed out a bunch of info.

The NI presenter, (former NI, now works for GM) Becky Linton suggested that Git was geared to Mercurial, and from a newbie point of view I should look at Subversion hosting TortoiseSVN as the windows client.

I have not dug into these as of yet. I have posted the links she handed out on my home website here, once I get a code monkey assigned we will get it published on the team site.

I plan on looking at Google Project and TortoiseSVN, as subversion is supported in labview, but not sure if it is in the First package. A couple people there used it, but said they actively managed their workflow to not have to merge projects, although it does work.


I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten my LabVIEW to play nice with a github project for this season. The main things you’ll need are the diff and merge binaries (only for .vi and .ctl filetypes, though). Good luck!

We’re planning to use these bash scripts in our Windows Git bash installations to merge, using the official LabVIEW utilities (which pinyyanks graciously linked to, and have been included in the FRC LabVIEW installations. For Windows 7 and LabVIEW 2011 (given out for Rebound Rumble), we had to change the filepaths for the LabVIEW executable and the LabVIEW utilities (you can find those in my fork of the above project).

I have used GIT successfully with LabVIEW although I prefer SVN. From my experience if possible it is best to avoid needing to use a merge tool for VIs. It is a lot easier if you can restrict to one editor for a given VI at a time - using the lock function or something similar.