Using GitHub for coding

We’ve been using GitHub for a little while and it seems to be working for us (you can look at our current organization here). Is this a safe bet for collaborating and “backing up” code?

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I have found GitHub useful for my team, too. We’ve never have had issues of “code lost” because of the tool or a time where we have not been able to access it (when having internet, of course).

Ultimately, GitHub is a Git provider. And, Git is used a lot by companies and organizations.

Some resources we have used are here: How does your team use git and Github?


Git and Github are great tools and I highly recommend using it on your team! Git does have a bit of a learning curve to it (and the documentation isn’t the best), but once you learn how to use it well, it will become one of the most useful software tools out there.


I don’t know what you mean when you say the documentation for git isn’t the best. There are so many git resources. The manpages and the book come to mind.

Do you perhaps mean it’s not beginner friendly? I’d agree with that.


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