Using Google Drive Spreadsheets Scouting without wifi

So my team has been using paper forever but now we decided to change to an electronic scouting system using google spreadsheets.
However, we cannot use wifi in the competition, so i was wondering if someone has used google spreadsheets before and could share how they do it and merge all the data that different people are inputing.
Someone suggested using google forms but we are too far along to do that now.
Thanks a lot for your help

I have not done this, but I understand that many teams which use electronic scouting rely on cell phone internet. Unless you were going to spend a bunch of money on devices and service, this would require that you have enough people on the team with tablet phones or at least rather large big cell phones.

If all of your scouts will be in the same area (say, one row of seats or bleachers), you could set up a wired network among them. (Bring an UPS to power the router?) It would probably be easiest to have each scout populate a different spreadsheet for each match, and spend a minute or two merging them into the master spreadsheet afterwards, a full worksheet at a time. Just name the tabs differently for each match/scout combination, but consistently, and it should be easy.

Admin Manual 4.14: “Do not arrange for Internet access or phone lines on the site or attempt to connect to the Internet.”

We use Google Forms, but collect on paper, and enter the info back at the hotel.

We are trying to get iPads from the School and use FRC Scout, an iOS based app where the iPads connect via bluetooth.

I’ve seen other teams set up stations in the hallway near the stands, and enter information. A couple of laptops networked together via hard wire.

If you are flexible, you can use Access and Excel. I know you can do some pretty cool things with pivot tables, and everything is offline

thanks a lot guys we decided to go with the excel app offline mode and merge it later at the hotel
again thanks