Using gyro.h

I have been examining the gyro.h code provided by Kevin Watson looking for the gyro setting for the 2008 Yaw Rate Gyro PN AD22304. While I do not find a selection for this part number, there does seem to be one for PN ADXRS150 (the 2007 gyro sensor). When I examine the GYRO_SENSITIVITY_DEG value provided in gyro.h, it seems to correspond to the specification for the 2008 gyro not the 2007 gyro. In particular, the ADXRS150 sensitivity setting is for 800 mDeg/Sec rather than the 1500 mDeg/Sec as described in the “2008 First Robotics Sensor Manual”. The specification for the AD22304 documentation from Analog Devices clearly calls for a sensitivity of 80 deg/sec, so I am confident that the documentation is correct, but confused about the values in gyro.h.

What is the best approach here? Should I just go ahead and use the ADXRS150 selection (assuming that the vaules are correct for the 2008 gyro sensor)? Alternatively, I can add new device specifications to the code for the AD23304 sensor using the same values as those for ADXRS150. If my observations are correct, should I also change the values in gyro.h for the ADXRS150 to be 1500L and 2618L for mDeg and mRad respectively?