Using Gyro to turn robot during Autonomous

So this year my team is trying to use a gyro to make the robot turn exactly 90 degrees during autonomous. How would I make the gyro turn the motors of the drive train to successfully turn the robot 90 degrees? How would you wire the gyroscope, since its my first time using gyroscopes? How would the placement of the gyro in the physical robot effect what 90 degrees actually is? If you have any tutorials or examples that do such a thing please direct me to them. Thanks in advance

Examples abound.

The “FRC 2013 Getting Started” window that appears when you open the LabVIEW application has several tabs labeled along the left side. Clicking on the “Support” tab shows a number of options. One of them is “Find FRC Examples…” It has a magnifying glass icon next to it. Click on that option and the NI Example Finder will open.

The Gyro example is in the Sensors subfolder inside the FRC Robotics folder. After you’ve looked at it and tried it out, you might have further questions.

On the Tutorials tab of the LabVIEW Getting Started Window, you might also look at Tutorial 10 - Robot Simulation, and Tutorial 7 - Integrating Examples into Robot Code. It just so happens the simulated robot includes a gyro, but you still have to add the gyro code. But it also just so happens that Tutorial 7 shows you how to add gyro code. I have used the simulator to turn a robot 90 degrees in autonomous.