Using holonomic Drive with Dual Joystick Controller

How would i do it? I got it to work fine with a side winder controller, but our driver wants to be able to move with the left joystick (front,back,left,right) and turn with the right joystick x-axis.

If it’s working fine with an existing controller, then your code is probably good. All you should need to do is change which axis (and joystick) you feed into the rest of the code.

One of our student drivers asked us to do this as well. His reasoning was that the game Halo works that way, so they’re already used to using it.

It was actually very easy to add. Just open the second joystick, break out the axis you need and feed the holonomic at the rotate input with the axis value.

We had been using one joystick and using the trigger to switch to a rotate mode, but this is simpler and is more intuitive for the gamers on our team.