Using iBooks and a Secure Connection

We got iBooks to use from the country, so we may use them for scouting other teams. This will alow 5-8 people to scout and creat a computer-to-computer network using the AirPort cards and add a pasword. Our computers will file share info about scouting and we will be able share movies, manuals, and scouting info. Just sharing and mabey you can use another system too.

Which events?

Althought it is in early conception, we plan to take them to the VCU Regionals and mabey even the Nationals.

Is it possible to use the AirPorts. We were considering it for the same use, but would the radio output signal interfere with the Robot Controller? We don’t know for sure, and I was wondering if you were. Thanks:confused:

InnovationFIRST Modems are 900 MHz.
802.11b is 2.4GHz

There was no problem last year using an Airport PCMCIA Card, and won’t expect any this year. Never used the Apple base station…didn’t need to- Cisco WAP and Linksys WAP handled Airport Card just fine.


If you all are setting up a wireless LAN, anyone up for some data sharing? I could set up a web server and make an ASP script that stores to a database so both PCs and Macs can access it. We would have to agree on universal questions though. I have no problem providing a server.

We’re going to make our own server. Thanks thought. It will have internet access. If it dosn’t work though, I’ll talk to you ;).

How are you all going to get internet access?

We are trying things out right now. Currently only Greg knows. And he’s not talking (nor is he on the boards.)