using Imaq functions from WindRiver

Hey, I’m attempting to use ImaqAbsoluteDifference directly from the nivision library as it is not supplied through a FRC wrapper.

my code is as follows:

ColorImage Image1(IMAQ_IMAGE_I16);
ColorImage Image2(IMAQ_IMAGE_I16);
ColorImage *Delta = new ColorImage(IMAQ_IMAGE_I16);

// do some stuff

imaqAbsoluteDifference(Delta->GetImaqImage(), Image2.GetImaqImage(),

+] imaqAbsoluteDifference returns an error value that indicates that the Image (either source or dest) is of an invalid type, though it states in the docs that imaqAbsoluteDifference supports IMAQ_IMAGE_I16.
+] I set the camera up to capture images at a resolution of 320x240 and a color level of 0 (Grayscale?)

What could be the problem? Has any of you had experience with directly calling Imaq functions?