Using individual motors with buttons

Hey so our team just switched from using command based programming to timed robot (java). We have working drive code, but I am having issues when trying to program a button to run an individual motor (our transfer system in this case). We have a “subsystem” that defines the motor controller and a few methods with the speed outputs and in in teleopPereodic() I use if else to connect the button with the method. When I type if (X()) { transferMoveF(); } else { transferStop(); } , it shows errors on the methods and it says that it cannot find the method even though I imported the subsystem. The methods in the subsystem are public so it should see them. How do I fix this? (btw I would put the actual sections of code here but i’m not sure how to do that so it pops up in that window, how do I do that?)

Did you create a new subsystem object? should be something like

Subsystem name = new Subsystem(parameters);

no would I put that in and what would go in the parameters?

He mentioned they switched AWAY from command-based, so no actual subsystems available

The best way to share your code is by sharing a link to github (or another public git repository service, like bitbucket or gitlab)

Is it a public class?

We do have a repository in github but we got a new programming computer and I have never set up the thing in vs code to push code to the repository and when I tried it would not push but i’m getting that figured out with somebody tomorrow. So no code in the repository.

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