Using Inventables Voucher Code - 2020

Had a bit of a headache using the Inventables Voucher code so I thought I’d clear up the problem I was having. When you are going to checkout, click the cart. On the right, there will be a box for “promo code”. This is where you want to use your FIRST voucher. If you get to the entering address / information screen, there is a second box called “Apply Gift Cerficate”. This will NOT accept your voucher code.

I clicked through the first screen too quickly and then wondered why I couldn’t put the Voucher code in the Gift Certificate box. Cost me 20 minutes of kicking around to find that first screen again. Also, the voucher code doesn’t cover shipping, so load up on $100 of stuff.


I just tried using our voucher code. I finally called Inventables Support. They explained that the codes will not work until tomorrow, Dec. 3rd, 2019.

That is strange. We used our voucher on Nov 19th and have already received our order. The voucher code wouldn’t work until I had at least $100 in my cart.


We used our voucher as well a week or two ago, no issues.

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Seconded. Third-ed? We used ours about two weeks ago and had no problems. I wasn’t the one using it, but the person who did order it mentioned nothing of ordering issues.

I’m blaming it on Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

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Okay my real question is what the heck are people getting with their inventables vouchers? I’m so lost…


We have a CNC Router, so we got a bunch of their carving bits.

Last year we didn’t have a CNC router and we got some of the plastic materials they offered.

We usually pick up sheets of Aluminum.

any help with digi-key? can’t seem to get their voucher to apply to an order.

They have deburring tools, which we might pick up. They also used to have a bunch of useful electrical tools, but they seem to have cut down their inventory over the past year.

I’m curious what @Michael_Corsetto gets from Inventables.

for digikey, you have to go through the voucher portal. Read instructions carefully. Don’t set it up with your existing account, just add items in the order form after you’ve entered in team info.

We will be picking up a total of 5 12"x12" sheets of aluminum, plus one HS Steel 1/4" bit.

I’ll just toss it in here because I see Digi-Key. These 4337 keystone brackets are stellar. Planning on using the $50 voucher for another bag of 250 of them.

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From digikey we usually get the ribbon cable and end clips to make ctre data cables.

From inventables this year we bought a bunch of side-cutters. Our kids like abusing those, so we find them with the tips broken off and we end up losing a couple every year. We also got a digital caliper.

I thought I might find a screen or point to add my voucher code, next thing I know I had made a purchase. I called Inventables and Phil took care of things for me, added my $100 voucher and found some items listed as out of stock and was able to add them to my order as well. Phil had suggested part of the issue was due a website change made for cyber Monday. I suspect the voucher line will be more evident again soon. Inventables, another vendor doing good things for FIRST.
BTW no affiliation with the company just a satisfied customer.

We’ve used our voucher to get 1/4" delrin sheets the last few years.

We emailed and the response was that cyber Monday/Black Friday sales had to be over before the voucher would work again.

What do you end up using the delrin for, if I may ask? I’m not familiar with its usecase (as opposed to something like polycarb.)