Using joystick x-value for subsystem in java

Hi, I am a member of the 2906 FRC team we are attempting to use the x-value of our second drivers joystick to control the up and down motion of our ball pickup. For some reason we cannot get this to work. The last time we attempted this our RoboRIO comm light blinked red, green and red again until we removed the code. We believe it was caused by an error that when something like this ‘you may not have more than one drive train at any given time’. Anyway, we will be very pleased with any help you are willing to give.

   Thank you in advance,
      ~Walker Ward
            FRC Team 2906~

Please post your code so we can help figure out what’s wrong.

Are we supposed to simply guess at how you went about doing this?

Agreed. As you already suspect that it may be interaction between systems, I’d suggesting posting (a link) to it all, not just the joystick sub-system.