Using KOP Gyro Off the RoboRIO

Hello all!

Our team has been trying to use a gyro on our robot. Unfortunately, both non-KOP gyros we own have major problems.

Ideally, I would like to use the 2017 KOP gyro. It seems like a nice gyro, and many teams seemed to have one they weren’t using, so if something broke, we would be able to replace it with a commonly owned part. However, our rio is mounted vertically to the back of our robot, and the 2017 KOP gyro plugs in flush with the rio. While it could be useful for figuring out if our robot tipped over, that’s not exactly what I’m going for.

Has anyone had success with wiring to the port on the rio from the gyro and mounting the gyro somewhere else on the robot? Is there somewhere I could buy a compatible cable or would I have to solder it by hand?

Invest $100 in a NavX, and watch as you never have gyro problems ever again.

If you’re only going 1 foot, these are useful.
I guess if you are going more than 1 foot, you need to buy more/make your own. The connectors can be bought, search for “2x5 2.54mm male and female headers”.

we used a ribbon cable to mount the KOP gyro horizontal on our practice robot. It worked.