Using Last Year's RoboRio Image

We are having comms issues on our roborio and are thinking about switching to a different roborio that has the 2019 firmware on it. We think the issues are related to this year’s firmware so we are wondering if we can keep using last year’s image.

Does anyone know if that is legal? / Will that cause any issues?

There is a rule that requires the roboRIO image and the DS version to both be up-to-date for this year. Don’t have a rule reference on me right now though, but a ctrl-f for roboRIO should find it.


The imaging tool says it is version 6.0.0 but 2019. The 2020 version also says version 6.0.0. Does that matter?

R57: ROBOTS must be controlled via one (1) programmable National Instruments roboRIO (P/N:
am3000), with image version FRC_roboRIO_2020_v10 or later.

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we found the rule that says it must be up to date with 2020 image version 10 or up

The firmware (6.0.0f) is unchanged from last year, but the image (2020) is different and must be updated.

It is also on the 2020 Inspection checklist. A robot will not pass inspection without having the 2020 v10 or later RoboRio image appear on the driver station.

We updated and had no problems. They didn’t inspect our roborio image but probably would have caused fms problems.

When we look at your drivers station its checked there. There are 2 software versions that we check there along with your team number being shown.

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