using legacy hardware

hi i am in a grade 12 compeng class and i want to use the old controllers for my project. i have the 2008 models and i got some code from but i’m getting build error from mplab i think i have the wrong compliler. can any one tell me what compliler i need.
the error i get is “Error Coff file format for ifi_library.o is out of date”
at the current moment all i want to accomplish is getting the bot to move with the joysticks

It’s the version of MPLINK that doesn’t match the C18 compiler version used to compile ifi_library.o

“Due to a change in COFF file format, MPLAB C18 v3.00 and later will
not be compatible with versions of MPLINK prior to v4.00”

The original ifi_library.o was compiled with C18 v2.4.
Kevin did provide an updated version of the ifi_library.o compiled under C18 v3.

Look in the workspace directory for Kevin’s project and you should see both:

  • ifi_frc_8722_24.lib
    In your MPLAB project file list under “Library Files” one of these two files will be listed. You probably just need to swap to the other file. Click on the name in the file list and delete, then go to Project -> Add Files to Project… and browse to the file you want to use. When browsing you’ll need to specify "Files of type: Library Files (

I just dusted off an old IFI RC and found that my code built and ran just fine with the latest version of the Microchip C18 compiler (v3.35) and MPLAB (v8.50).