Using motors in labview

Is is possible to program a motor to start on a certain point and stop at a certain point or do we need to use a limit switch?

Any help is appreciated.

If you want to control the position of a motor, you’ll need some kind of sensor feedback to close the loop. If you can give more details about your exact setup and what you’d like it to do, we can be more helpful.

I’ll have to talk to my drivers but I will get more details on what they exactly want with the system

motors by themselves are just set to a power & go, they don’t know where they are unless you add sensors. for mechanisms that you want to go a specific distance, (elevator, tilt, drivetrain), you should have encoders on the motor, or somewhere on the spinning axis. This will tell you how far it has traveled, and you can use that data to make setpoints for certain values you want the motor to go to.

So if I wanted the motor to go a certain distance and then stop. Is there a way to make it so I can have the motor only go a certain amount of rotations or do we have to have to have a sensor or encoder

You need a sensor. An encoder is the correct sensor for what you described.

Yes, you need a sensor like an encoder - otherwise the program doesn’t have any way of knowing how many rotations you’ve completed.

Depending on the motor, it may already have an encoder built in, like the Rev NEO or Andymark’s PG71. It’s also very easy to drop in an encoder on a mechanism using a versaplanetary gearbox, using the VP integrated encoder.

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