Using NavX and Pigeon IMU?

I’ve heard of a lot of NavX2 Vs. Pigeon IMU 2 discussion but never anything about navX AND IMU. I dont mean to propose this like its some groundbreaking innovation but rather expanding on a thought one of my friends had in passing.

  1. is it possible to fuse the two sensor readings using something like a kalman filter? (Im thinking specifically java implementation…)

  2. Is there any sizeable benefit to doing this as opposed to just using these sensors standalone? I mean regardless if you could combine the two it would be cool but would this actually pose a benefit in systems like swerve that benefit off of accurate gyro readings?

IMO, if you’re going to go through the effort of implementing a kalman filter, it would be much more useful to fuse the readings from one IMU + localization based on the AprilTags on the field

You can get your robot heading from the april tags?


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