Using Pathfinder with Neo Motors & Spark Max motor controllers

My team and I have been trying to implement Jaci’s Pathfinder with Neo brushless motors and the Spark Max motor controllers however we have had no success with them so far. Previous years, we were able to use 775 pros and Talon SRX motor controllers to make Pathfinder work. I was wondering if any other teams were able to use Neos with Pathfinder and if there were any major differences in how Pathfinder work with Talons and Sparks?

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What’s the issue so far? Using Pathfinder’s EncoderFollower class, there should be very little distinction between using an SRX and a Max.

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We tried using EncoderFollower class but it wasn’t working. How did your team write your autos with SparkMaxs and Neos?

Define “wasn’t working”.

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We have not been able to get the Encoder values of the Neos to match up with the distance we enter in Pathfinder. We’ve tried Pathfinder’s DistanceFollower and EncoderFollower class but no luck still. In Shuffleboard, I can see my values and when I push the robot 1 foot, it will display 1 foot.

By that, do you mean that the drivetrain controller doesn’t track the trajectory well? If that’s the case, plot your desired and actual trajectories on top of each other to see where the deviation happens. You might need a better control algorithm (the “distance follower” and “encoder follower” PFv1 comes with aren’t the best).