Using Potentiometers

I need to a use a potentiometer in my full-size RC car project, but I am at a loss as to how to hook it up! I am sure that it is an analog input, but the potentiometer I have has no wires or anything and the “analog inputs” port on my RC looks likea parallel connection of some sort… here’s a picture of my OI and RC (actually, not mine, but it seems to be the same model):

my potentiometer basically looks like this (not exactly, but i think its pretty close):

So… I am lost. Can anyone set me on the right path?


Please see this post. Most potentiometers are like yours and use pins instead of wires.

Thank you, that is helpful! However, actually CONNECTING the potentiometer to the RC is my main concern, because the RC takes analog inputs in through some sort of serial port (please see the first picture in my first post)…

Or could I set one of the PWMs as an input somehow? Physically hooking the potentiometer up is my biggest problem.


What you need to do is take a look at page 8 of this document. You’ll also need a 25-pin connector that you can solder wires from your pot to, using the pinouts from that document.

The port I am assuming you are talking about is the joystick port. It’s the one on the user interface.
In this case, look up any one of the numerous joystick port pinouts and hook one side to GND and the other to an input. I think that works. It may be +5 to signal, depending on whether there is a pull-up resistor or not. Hooking GND to Signal won’t hurt it, though, so try that first.
On the Pot: Hook one of the voltages to the center post, and the other lead to one of the outer posts. It really doesn’t matter where, just don’t hook them on either side of the pot.


Other Thing:
If you are not talking about using the joystick port, then what you are referring to will not work as advertised. It’s possible to run your pot through an analog-to-digital converter, then put it into a serial port as a digital signal, or even PWM depending on the A to D converter, but most connections today use digital, with the exception of the joystick port. Keep that in mind.