Using powercells in endgame agianst you opponents

Is it possible when endgame starts or a few seconds before that if you were to spit out power cells in the opponent’s climb area? Assuming that there not in the climbing area and you have power cells in your bot, it states in the rule that you cant use power cells to interfere with an opponent’s bot but what if their nowhere near the endgame zone and you spit it out before endgame. Just curious I look in here but couldn’t find anyone talking about this.


I don’t think there are any rules against this

G8: “ROBOTS may not deliberately use POWER CELLS in an attempt to ease or amplify the challenge associated with FIELD elements.”

It seems pretty clear that this is not allowed.


Its illegal per G8. At FIM st joseph in semis 1 match 1 the number 1 alliance dumped 7 balls into the rendezvous and received a tech foul for each. Ended up giving away 108 foul points that match and lost.


Yep, ended up costing them the event.

As the OP is worded, this is a blatant violation of G8. As for the St. Joe Example: I 100% can see why it was called the way it was, however both alliances cycled out of those initial 5 deposited balls (they were deposited mid-match). I am on the fence of whether or not those initial 5 should have been counted as G8s, as this was definitely neutral territory at and surrounding the time of the event. There were 2 balls that were shoved in there near the endgame (I 100% agree that was a G8).
Was this the sole thing leading to the early exit of the #1 alliance? No, but it is an interesting case-study on how G8 is called, especially when you want to keep your trench clear of power cells and want to move balls to the other end of the field.

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but mister referee sir, i was just dropping those cells off for my opponents to use in their climb zone. this is very gracious and professional and coopertition and other nonsense buzzwords


I think if there’s power cells in your zone making it harder for you and you push them away and they end up in the other zone, this is fine. However if you’re just dumping there on purpose that’s not allowed. We did the former (ran our intake backwards to move balls out of our way) this past weekend to clear out our zone to climb and were never called for this

It was meant as pillows to soften the blow if they fell


Somewhere in the rule book it says it’s up to the judge’s opinion so if your opponents are trying super hard to put them on the field, there won’t be any penalty points.