Using previous years' radios as a network switch

I know this might be a better question for QA, but I’m curious if anyone has done this in the past or could point out a rule that explicitly disallows this:

I want to use the D-Link router from the 2015 as a simple network switch, no wireless broadcasting. Thoughts?

QnA it.
R59 Ethernet-connected COTS devices or CUSTOM CIRCUITS may connect to any remaining Ethernet port on the Wireless Bridge but must not transmit or receive UDP packets using ports 1100-1200 with the exception of ports 1130 and 1140.

By rule 63, “No form of wireless communication shall be used to communicate to, from, or within the ROBOT, except those required per R57 and R62 (e.g. radio modems from previous FIRST competitions and active Bluetooth devices are not permitted on the ROBOT during competition).”

You aren’t using it for wireless communication, but the example is part of the rule, so it seems to be disallowed.

This rule deals specifically with wireless communication, op is asking about a non-wireless application.

Last I checked a 10/100 network switch would work, and they cost like $10-$15 U.S. That may be a better option.

I was also going to suggest this. It also wouldn’t use up a port on your VRM.

Are you powering it with magic smoke?

While you can turn off the radio on last year’s adapator,and make it conform to no other wireless rule, it can be confusing to inspectors and field people. Since cost of not really an issue better to use a non wireless capable switch. They also have the advantage of initializing faster on power up.

No, I meant that you could use the more readily available 12v ports on the PDP.

As long as it survives being powered erratically, between 6 and 12.5v…
Not recommended.