Using Quick Release

My team was interested in using a type of quick connect interface to wire onto every motor controller we have and putting the matching end on the wires that plug into them. This would allow simple motor controller swaps. Is this legal to use on a competition bot? And, if so, has anyone done this with success?

Is it legal? Check the rules.
Has it been done before, with success? Yes.

What problem are you trying to solve? Are the screw terminals particularly difficult?

Our team uses the powerpole connectors. They are quick disconnect but very secure.

An FTC team has a guide here:

Here’s a Google for connectors that the RC people use to connect Lipo battery packs to brushless motors.

4MM bullet connectors should do the trick for you for the CIMS. A Dean’s connector or XT-60 would take care of the rest.

I have listed a few solutions that WildStang uses for a search here on CD. Yes they are most definitely legal if used as designed. We have used these because we don’t want to spend the time looking for a dropped controller screw in the finals.