Using Raspberry Pi

Hey Guys!

So we were planning on using a RaspBerry Pi for its ultrasonic sensor and vision tracking. A couple of questions about this:

  1. First of all, is this legal by FRC rules (we are a rookie team, so we just wanted to confirm; but based on what we read in the manual, it should be legal - correct us if we are wrong)
  2. How do we connect this to the roborio and the rest of the system? Do we use the ethernet port?

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There are a number of teams using the Raspberry PI including ours. There is a post specifically for Raspberry PI, do a Raspberry PI search to see what others are doing. I’m not any help other than like to read about how others are using it. We will be tying in through the router into the Robo Rio using Ethernet I think.

It is competition legal. FIRST has made some posts regarding coprocessors and acknowledges the Raspberry Pi as well as some other ones. My team uses the ethernet port to communicate with the roboRIO through sockets in Python. Here’s a tutorial on socket programming in Python:
In Java:
In C++:
Hope that helps, and good luck this season!

We are using a Raspberry Pi that will talk to the RoboRio via Ethernet.

We have ultrasonic sensors on our robot, but they are connected directly to the RoboRio.