Using Robot Characterization with CTRE CANCoder

Hello, how would I use the CANCoder with the Robot Characterization tool? I cannot find a way to use the encoders with this tool, as they go over CAN instead of the SRX port or the DIO ports. I am using Victor SPXs with the CTRE CANCoder on drive train motors. Thanks in advance.

We don’t support this natively, but you can always modify the generated code to do it manually.

How would I assign the Victor SPX CAN IDs? I see the option to select Victors, but I am not seeing how to assign the CAN ID(only the pwm for pwm victors). Also, is the WPI_VictorSPX over CAN or pwm?

WPI_VictorSPX is a CAN controller, and the port parameter is the CAN ID.

Would I be able to set the Encoder port to the Device ID for the CANCoder?

No; you cannot configure a CANCoder from the config file. You will have to manually edit the generated code.