Using Shuffleboard with Command-Based Robot

Our team is currently trying to figure out how to use the full power of the Shuffleboard within the Command-Based Robot architecture. Currently, I have the Shuffleboard being set up as its own Subsystem with a Command that is supposed to place my widgets and handle outputs to it. However, I’ve run into a rather significant issue, I can’t make my DashboardUpdater Command require every Subsystem that outputs information to the Shuffleboard without killing the Commands that actually drive each of those Subsystems.

Is there some other way that we should go about updating the Shuffleboard? Should we output to the Shuffleboard directly from the other subsystems or is there a way to call methods within other subsystems without “requiring” them?

Thanks for your help with this, it’s really been bothering us as we try to make better use of the Shuffleboard this year.

EDIT: So, I’m a bit of an idiot it seems. I did a search for ‘“Command-Based Robot” Shuffleboard’ and only after posting this did I notice that I asked a similar question seven years ago concerning the SmartDashboard. That link answers my question if anyone else has it.

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Have you heard of our lord and savior Oblog?

I have, and using that library is a possibility that I’ve been looking into but, it turns out that I literally asked the same question seven years ago and just didn’t see the post in my search because of the move from SmartDashboard to Shuffleboard. Whichever way we end up going, we should be good now thanks for the reply though!

If you’re using the new command-based framework, the Periodic() method for the subsystem for us has been the perfect mechanism for updating subsystem status points to the Smartdashboard.

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