Using SMC Single Selenoid Valve from last year?

I had a quick question about this year’s Pneumatics Regulations
According to rule <R91>:
<R91> The following pneumatics items may be added to your robot:
• You may use a previous year’s Kit pneumatic cylinders and solenoid valves in addition to those items in the 2005 Kit, but you must account for their costs as explained in the Cost Limits and Accounting section.

Does this mean we can use the SMC Single Selenoid Valve from last year? To be honest, I’m not too pleased with the single selenoid valves we’ve been given this year, and I’d like to know if I can reuse last year’s SMC.

yes but the thing is the cost of it u have to add to ur total cost

OK, that should be fine. We’re building our Bot for under $1000 it looks like :slight_smile:

even better