Using Solidworks at Home

My team is meeting over the summer to revamp our robot for an off-season event. Is there a way I can use the Solidworks license our team got in the KOP to get it on my home PC to work on parts from there?

I believe you can download and install Solidworks with the license key provided at the beginning of the season on any personal computer, though there is a limit.

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The limit is something like 12 licenses per team, so depending on team size, you may have several to go around.

Where would I go to download it? I don’t see a download button on their website

Most companies also have student CAD packages.

I don’t think there is an actual license key provided in the KOP or on the team lead portal of firstinspires

All you should need to do is apply for sponsorship. They will send you an email with your team’s license key and the information needed to download and install Solidworks.


This is the correct link. They give you a key valid for the ‘number of people on your team’ field in this survey. Response time is usually under 48 hours.

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They usually ask how many kids you have and give you that many licenses, so long as everyone on the team does not need a license giving a student who does a lot of cad a second license for home use is normally not a controversial decision.

We typically request a certain amount of licenses greater than the amount of cadders on the team. Then we keep a spreadsheet of who has what license key activated which computers. Just keep it organized and your team will likely have no issue with giving licenses for home use.

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