Using Solidworks to the fullest

Just wondering if there are any teams out there who have used the motion analysis in Solidworks, for initial design testing and feedback. The student edition does not have access to it, but perhaps there is a mentor who has SW Premium installed on their laptop and is able to work with the kids with some initial design concepts. I was playing around today and was able to make a motion analysis of a ball being shot into a basket, and then used the design study functionality to allow Solidworks to change the shot angle and velocity of the ball being shot, I let it run through 190 different designs, until I found an optimal (my goal was lowest velocity needed at a set distance, while making the shot off the backboard). It only took me about an hour to set up the assembly and design.

Found this offer for FREE Solidworks for the summer!. Post a CAD if you downloaded it and used Solidworks to the fullest this summer!

SolidWorks Student Edition, Summer Edition and what we supply to FIRST teams does have full Motion (kinematics) capability.

Be certain to go to Tools, Add Ins. Check SolidWorks Motion.,
Also, if you are bringing over cam design from motion into a static analysis, you want to check SolidWorks Simulation. This is our FEA tool.

We do have trial versions of SolidWorks out there that do not have Motion and FEA tools, but what you can get as a team through sponsorship does.

Take a look at aldebaran robotics video at They use all SolidWorks applications for their humaniod robot. Marie.