Using Stored Energy allowed?

Were exploring concepts for deploying a hook to lift the robot at the shield generator stage.
One concept would be to attach a hook to something like a fishing pole on bend the pole into an arch holding both ends down. Would this type of stored energy be allowed in competition?


Yes, that falls under the heading of energy stored by deformation of robot parts. R39c.

Take steps to ensure it won’t release when a person is in the way!


Also make sure it won’t exceed the maximum of 12" past the frame perimeter, anywhere during it’s travel from bent to straight.

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Inspectors give any stored energy a thorough inspection, to make sure it’s restrained enough to not pose a danger in the pits - either by unintended release, or the process of “cocking” it. I’m not, at all, saying not to use it, just to anticipate the scrutiny.

The energy we had stored in Overdrive (2008) - launching 1M balls - was downright scary.

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I think we’ll be implement safety straps for our constant force climbing hooks. So they will be secured until the robot is placed for the match. Otherwise, I would be uncomfortable being around them in the pit. They move pretty quickly and the hook is steel. Luckily the spring out rate is governed by the winch, but if the knot failed it would be uncontrolled. Hope others consider similar safety precautions.


This is why air shocks are one of my favorite ways to store energy when I can afford to wait a second or two.

And air shocks keep moving - remember the Generator Switch scoring is done 5 seconds after the end of the match, and the air shocks can keep hoisting the ‘bot during this interval. I’ve seen teams take advantage of this in prior games.