Using Tableau for Scouting

We have been developing a scouting system for collecting match data on every single robot…We are looking for other teams that are using Tableau for data analysis and visualization…Attached is one of our screen shots showing a trend line for scoring in each match and also lines of averages.

Who else is using Tableau? What other technologies does your scouting system utilize? Thanks!

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Yes, we’ve been using Tableau for our strategy sessions/pick list meetings for the past 3 years of competition.

Our scouting system as a whole made the switch from paper to electronic in 2014, and Tableau has helped streamline the strategy session process tenfold. Makes presenting data to our strategists and drive team much easier.

I just started experimenting with tableau this season. Basically I have an android app that scouters use to collect data. The app uploads all the data to a mysql database server automatically. While I have other functions running from that mysql server, strictly speaking about tableau, I just use a couple of formulas to estimate (automatically) who would be the best pick and rankings.

Just as a side note, another function I have running of the database, is I have a couple of formulas and stuff running in a php script that automatically decide which defenses to pick for each match. This is based of data the scouters collected in the pit scouting, and in the field scouting. Basically picking whichever defenses that the bots on the other alliance can’t cross as well.

Hi All. We’ve used an app to collect the data and store it on the Cloud, downloaded the data from the Cloud into Excel, then pulled it into Tableau from there. Here are links to a couple of our published dashboards:!/publish-confirm!/publish-confirm

This our first year with this system, have learned a lot this season to apply to next year.

We’ve been using Tableau for the last 3 years, though I’ve only picked up how to work the software myself this year.

We had a scouting app last year, but that fell through this year. We’ve gone back to paper scouting for data collection to our databases.

I create dashboards for our drive team before matches and then use Tableau for alliance selections later. I also create stacked bar charts of the average score for all robots, and print+post those around the venue for people to look at.…Ellensburg2016/ScoreBreakdownDash

At the Philomath district a week ago, I got the chance to see some of the inner works of your team’s data process, and one of the parts I really liked was that you actually printed out data for each match on paper. This was convenient because we could write on the sheets while creating strategies, as opposed to just being able to look at it on a tablet or laptop. So come eliminations we could circle defenses/write notes for enemy teams, etc.

The cumulative bar charts you have published across the venues is also really cool, although I wonder how much teams are relying on that data rather than their own notes for alliance selection :yikes:

Wish our scouts would have connected with you guys and gals up at our scouting box in UNH! We had a Google spreadsheet with copious amounts of info - we didn’t have much luck using our Google Sheet as a data source into Tableau though, and we had one of our IT mentors trying to connect it up. What do you use to collect the data, if you don’t mind me asking?

A good app that we are using is FRC SCOUTING (google play). Basically it stores all the data to a mysql database. You have to setup the database and host it somehow, but once you jump through the initial hurdles there is so much you can do with it. Strictly speaking about tableau, it can directly interface with any mysql database, and allow you to directly interact with and manipulate the data, easily creating graphs. If you guys would like any help or pointers to go in this direction, I am more than happy to help :).

We use a similar method, where we print out a sheet with match specific data before each match, in addition to a strategy sheet. They are really helpful for pre-match strategy, especially during quals. One thing it made really easy was defense selection, I could just look at which defenses they had crossed least or failed most and easily make picks.

Question related to this thread: What is the best way for a mentor to obtain Tableau? I went to the academic page for Tableau, and it seems like a school-issued email is required, which I do not have. Any recommendations? Thanks!

I’m not sure if it is available this year, but last year first gave everyone a code to get 5 licenses of tableau. If it still available, it will be available in the virtual KOP

Every team got 5 educational licenses of Tableau. They can be found in your coach / mentor portal in the virtual kit of parts. One license key can be used for 5 different laptops.

If teams are looking to share their scouting data, I have used my Tableau public page in the past, and optimized them for mobile so scouts / alliance captains can view what they need on the fly from their phones.

If anyone is looking to learn more about optimizing, using, and learning Tableau for scouting let me know and I’d be happy to share what we have done, what I would like to do, and how best to use the application.

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Do you have an example of dashboard you created for mobile?

74 used Tableau for the first time this past season. 2015-2016 we used Google Sheets, and before that we just used paper. Tableau has made scouting so much easier and it assisted us greatly in generating pick lists for the 2017 season.

Google Sheets + Tableau = Gold!

It makes life so much easier!!

I have removed them from my page - but when laying out dashboards you have the option to add layout options for mobile and pick and choose what goes in the mobile version vs. the desktop version.