Using Talon SRX with an encoder not connected to it?

I want to use Talon SRX with a cimcoder, but I don’t have a breakout board. So I want to know if there’s a way to use Talon SRX with the cimcoder connected to roboRio?
Also, what is remote feedback device and how to use it? Is it related to my situation?
Thank you for your help.

You can create the close loop in your code by reading the encoder value and setting the output to the talon.

Can I still use MotionMagic or other features of Talon?

Unfortunately no.
The talon must have a sensor connected to it in order to perform the closed loop all by itself.

Thanks for your response

You can plugin a wire without the breakout board. You just need the little black key’d connectors that wire the 5 encoder wires (G, A channel, b channel) in a ribbon cable to your encoder.

I have no electrical experience but our electrical mentor and our students have made plenty of large 10 wire ribbon cable -> small 10 wire ribbon cables that we plug directly into the talons without any sort of additional board.

Unless of course, the plugin on the top is the breakout board and I have no idea what I’m talking about… :slight_smile:

You can look at the pin assignments on the data cable and just solder it on if you guys don’t have breakout boards. Our team managed to install potentiometer by wiring the 3 ports into analog, 3.3v, and ground and motion magic works completely fine with it.

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