Using Talon SRX with PWM

One of our Talons is alternating orange and red, but it’s not the damaged hardware blink. When we drive it forward, only one of the green lights turns on. Factory reset did not seem to do anything. Is there any way to resurrect it or is it bricked?

From the SRX User Guide on page 39,

Indication: both LEDs alternate red & orange

Problem: Damaged Hardware - the device requires service

Contact CTRE ( The Talon SRX is not warranted for use until the hardware is repaired. DO NOT attempt to use the Talon SRX.

Given this, I would stop using the SRX and contact CTRE customer support. They are generally very helpful and will want to fix the problem. You will likely need to send it to them, and they probably will fix it and send it back or send a replacement. You won’t find anyone on here who knows more about the SRX than the people who designed it.

If you are positive that it is not damaged, and the Talon works ok, then it could be a broken LED. Since the orange light is just a combination of Red and Green lights, it wouldn’t surprise me if this were the case. This would also explain why only one green light is working. However, if you do have any actual issues with using the motor controller, I do recommend sending it to CTR for repairs. Hopefully this helps!

You say you ‘factory reset’ it. Did you calibrate it to its input signal?

Section 6 of:

Whoops, I see it is an SRX, so, section 2.2 in this manual: