using team 254's field

I was asked by my team to post this on Chief DElphi. I think all WRRF teams have already been emailed this information

Hello WRRF and Bay Area FIRST Teams!

The NASA ARC Robotics Team #254 has been working with NASA officials to allow us to invite other teams to visit our facility who wish to test their robots and get some practice before the shipping deadline. We are happy to invite any interested teams to use our facility between now and the shipping deadline. Teams can sign up for 3-hour windows and can bring up to 2 adults and 4 students at a time.

Team 254 has purchased and put together the full ramp/hill structure, and we have a makeshift bar divider (the bottom height is correct, but not the top height - on the chance that measurement is important to any team). A couple teams have offered to help contribute funds for the field, and we thank you very much for the offer. However, we decided that we would have built almost all of it anyway - so don’t worry about contributing any money for the field. A number of teams have helped us in the past, so we’re more than happy to let other teams use what we have built. The only thing we do not have enough of are the scoring containers, so we would like to request that each team who practices at our facility donate at least one scoring container.

While we don’t have any extravagant machinery at our robot lab (no mill, lathe, etc.), we do have a drill press, band saw, and most basic tools - so we’ll be happy to help any team work on their robot in any way we can. We look forward to seeing any teams who wish to come up to Moffett Field to practice or test their robots. Good luck and have fun - still a little over 3 weeks left to work before the shipping deadline!

Important information regarding Moffett Field Visitors:

Anyone 16 years of age or older is required to have a Visitor’s Badge while at the NASA Ames Research Center. In addition, team members must be accompanied by at least 1 adult team mentor or teacher at all times. Teams need to give at least 2 days advance notice and include all names of team members coming up to Moffett Field. Our robotics lab is in building N-144 (there is a map at the visitors gate) and the phone number for our lab is 650.604.4087.

Each team also must be able to change their radio frequency to avoid interference with other robots.

Interested teams should e-mail me the following information:
a) Team number and school name
b) Full legal names of anyone requiring a badge. To receive a badge, persons must either be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Citizens should bring valid ID, and permanent residents should in addition bring a passport. Please indicate which team members are citizens or residents.

c) Date and time of visit 
            1) Available windows are: 
    Fridays (3-6pm) - Jan 31, Feb 7, Feb 14 
    Saturdays (12-3pm or 3-6pm) - Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 15 

Please note that the Visitor and Badging Office (NASA PSO) is open only on weekdays and closes at 5pm. (Special arrangements can be made to have badges left at the guard station on weekends, but Fridays typically have less chance of complication / the ability to correct errors - if you don’t have a big preference)

Chris Ishisoko
NASA ARC Robotics Team 254
[email protected]