Using the 2014 KOP chassis

Early on my team decided to use a 2014 KOP chassis for this season that we bought last summer. The main reasons were the chamfered edges to help us get over the defenses and the open sides which would allow us to put in larger wheels more easily. However, yesterday as we were finishing the necessary modifications to get other the category B/D defenses I realized that we were potentially violating the budget constraints in the game manual. Would the chassis count as a KOP item according to R10 because it was designed for the 2014 KOP? If it is not a KOP item we would be violating R11 since the team bought it for >$400.

Also for R11 which of the following cases would our chassis fall under? I am curious about how this works since the chassis is a modular system.

If a COTS item is part of a modular system that can be assembled in several possible configurations, then each individual module must fit within the price constraints defined in R11.
If the modules are designed to assemble into a single configuration, and the assembly is functional in only that configuration, then the total cost of the complete assembly including all modules must fit within the price constraints defined in R11

Thank you for reading this, any feedback would be really appreciated.

My understanding is once a product is kop then it is always kop. But I could be mistaken on that.

That’s what I thought too…although I can’t find mention of that in the rules. Did you search the Q&A to see if that question has been asked this year?

Kit of Parts (KOP): the collection of items listed on any Kickoff Kit Checklists, distributed via FIRST Choice,
or obtained via a Product Donation Voucher (PDV), etc.

I take any Kickoff Checklist to mean past KOPs.

Look in the glossary. Same KOP definition as last year. Taken to mean any KOP ever. You don’t even have to account for the cost.

Even if you couldn’t write it off as KOP, The gearboxes and wheels both could be subtracted from the total cost because they are standalone parts (In my opinion of the rules) That should bring the cost under $400 if you really needed too.

Ah, the glossary…I knew I had seen it somewhere…thanks!