Using the Gyro to Dock Robot during Auto

We are attempting to use the KOP gyro used in FRC to dock our robot during auto only. The problem is, however, we do not seem to fully understand how the gyro works, except for the fact that it has 3 different positional axes (X, Y, and Z).

If anyone could help us figure it out, our team would greatly appreciate it!

This has a great overview of what gyroscopes are: Gyroscopes - Hardware — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

Which of these are you using? FIRST Robotics Competition Kit of Parts (KoP) Donation Resources [Analog Devices Wiki]

Do you have it wired and getting some data, but you are just unsure of what data you are getting or do you not have it wired yet?

If its wired, this has great info on the code you need: Gyroscopes - Software — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

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We haven’t wired it as of now, but I won’t be able to understand the data either way. I will look into the resources you posted (so thanks!)

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