Using the IR remote to send radio commands to the robot

This sounds exploitive and probably illegal, but is it legal to use the robo coach to send IR signals to a robot operator control that would send radio commands to the radio receiver on the actual robot, eliminating any nasty bits about Ir signal strength during hybrid mode?

It would still only use 4 commands, but the signal strength would not be an issue.

I believe all signals between the operator interface and the robot are cut off during autonomous (hybrid) mode, and if so this would not work.

Also, the fact that the IR board needs at least a 7 volt supply might also be a problem, because I don’t believe you can get that much from your Operator Interface.

Good out of the box idea though.

not true about getting the voltages. There are step up circuits that you can use with the receiver to get the correct voltage. I dont know if the OI recommends this, but it can be done.