Using the limelight to fire power cells with variable shooter angle

Our robot uses a variable angle hood which allows for the power cells to be fired at different angles, we also have a limelight I am attempting to figure out how we could adjust the angle of the hood based on the distance and angle the limelight would give us we have the ability to find out velocity and angle of the hood but I am completely stumped on automating the prosses of adjusting the angle based on the distance, is there any way to do this

You are trying to figure out what the angle of the hood is?

Or …

You are trying to figure out what the angle of the hood should be?

Im trying to figure out what angle the hood should be at based of the distance

Drive robot to random distance, find out what angle works. Rinse and repeat. Plot data in excel and calculate a best fit line. Use that line to calculate angle based on distance.

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Empirical research. (Aka try stuff and see what happens.)

Create a set of distances. (I’d start with 1m apart)
Tune the system at each distance.
Create a lookup table from the above.
Do something clever when the robot is between 2 tuned distances.

Make sense?

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