Using the Magnetic Encoder

This year we decided to try out the magnetic encoder (model AS5145B)
so before we try it we need to find out exactly how to wire it so we won’t do something wrong and destroy it.

In addition, we’ll really appreciate an instruction on how to set it up and use it with a motor (Cim for example).

Thank you very much!

PID tutorials

Thank you! But I actually meant to ask: how do I physically attach the magnet to the CIM motor?

What is the CIM motor attached to ?

I’m not sure what other teams are doing (or even how we’re supposed to be mounting the encoders), but we’re using one motor per gearbox, so someone on our team is machining a mount for us to attach the encoder to where the other motor is supposed to go. We’re also enlargening the hole in the magnet, so we can just stick the magnet right onto the shaft.

So, to my understanding, the magnet is supposed to be mounted on a shaft (CIM motor shaft/output shaft/etc) and then the chip is supposed to be placed just a millimeter in front of the motor?

Draw a sketch to illustrate what you think your words are saying.

This will avoid much misunderstanding.

Correct, except you are allowed to be in a range of .5mm to 1.5mm, according to the sheet that came with the encoder.

Seems much more difficult to put on than the USDigital Encoders…

What gearbox are you using? Ones from AndyMark have an extension to the output shaft that’s designed for mounting the E4P quadrature encoders. You could put your magnetic sensor there.

We’re using these encoders also. I almost Guarantee you you’re suppose to mount them to the gear box. not the motor shaft.

I am trying to mount this encoder to a Ball shifter right now, hope it works out.

For what it is worth, if you look at the AS5145B data sheet, in Table 4 (Magnetic Input Specifications) it gives a maximum frequency of rotation of 153 rpm. I would be wary of putting that on the output of a CIM, but I could be interpreting the data sheet incorrectly.

We’re using the mini tough boxes. The issue we’re having is that the encoders are too big to fit on the shaft where the E4P quadrature encoders are supposed to be mounted. There’s not enough space between that shaft and the motor, or we’re trying to put them in the wrong place.