Using the new Gear boxes

Where can I get the keys to attach the new gear boxes (banebots) to our WHEELS?

the directions to mount them are in the box with the transmissions. the screws on the corners are 2.5 mm and the ones to atach the motor to the plate are 4 mm.

sorry i have to rephrase that, how do i connect it to our wheels

If you are using the Kit wheels, they have 24 tooth sprockets with them that mount directly to the wheel and then you must mount the 15 tooth sprocket to the transmission shaft using 1/8 keyway to keep from turning and spacers to keep the sprocket in place and run a chain between the two sprocket on the wheel and on the shaft from the transmission.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe any 1/8" key stock was included in the kit of parts to rotationally lock the sprocket to the keyed shaft of the gearbox. I think this is what you are asking for. I’m not sure what suppliers will ship to you, but in the states, we usually get it from or or at a good local hardware store. Any 1/8" square steel should work with some filing/grinding.

You are right about not receiving the keyway, the only keyway was to mount the motors to the transmissions. I picked some 1/8 keyway up at Lowes. We are using 1/2 conduit cut to size for spacers.