Using the Old Control System

We are looking to run our 2014 robot off the pre 2015 control system. I was just looking for a little help before we dive it.

  1. Will the firmware load to the old cRio-FRCII? Do we need to load up the new firmware at all?
  2. Will the most recent version of Labview still download the code properly to the cRio-FRCII?
  3. Can we use the latest control station?
  4. What about firmware on the router? Will we have communication issues between the controller and the router if it has the latest Rev. B firmware on it?

The robot isn’t completely back in action, just wanted to get everything in order. I have tired to search, but couldn’t find a great, clear answer. If anyone has found a better thread, please post the link in here. Just trying to make some use out of an old the old cRio-FRCII controllers. Thanks!

We just recently started up our 2014 robot, and it worked almost perfectly even with the new driver station. The only difference we found is that the new LabVIEW WPILib no longer supports Cyprus cards through Enhanced IO. Our quick fix was to map all of the buttons on the control panel to buttons on the joystick and ignore the Cyprus card altogether. I would assume that if you look into it you can find a way to make the Cyprus card read as a joystick so you can use it with the 2015 WPI Joystick “class”.

Besides that small problem, everything else communicated fine with everything else, and the robot worked just as well (if not better) than it did during the 2014 season.