Using the old cRIO control system


My team has a number of the cRIO control systems, as well as a couple of robots that we would like to get active again for off season projects.

When the roboRIO was announced it was advertised that teams could still use the old control system for development/testing using the new programming framework.

Therefore the question becomes, now that we have had most of the season (build + competition) behind us, has anyone found a way to program the older components using the new programming components? This is besides trying to find and load all of the old programming software and run it like previous years.


If you’re talking about LabVIEW, then it’s perfectly possible. I’ve programmed a test board using the 4-slot cRIO II, DIO breakout, etc using the newest version of LabVIEW (albeit in a cRIO project, not a roboRIO one). There is an option to create a cRIO project to work with it.

However, 8-slot cRIOs cannot be programmed with LabVIEW 2014 and must be programmed with 2013.

I should have included that we use Java.


With Java, you have to use the the 2014 frameworks.

If you want C++ check this link:


We were playing around with this for the same reason as you guys (Java team). The programming must still be done in netbeans with the old plugins because of the way the IDE sends code to the controller ( unless someone can make a plugin for eclipse that doesn’t use the mDNS the roboRIO uses). For driving, if you have a 4-slot cRIO, you should be able to flash the latest image (73? 43?) and use the 2015 driver station by selecting 2009-2014 from the control system menu. If you have and 8-slot, like we do, it doesn’t support the latest firmware. Our solution was to reimage an old classmate with last years software, and just drive with the old driver station.

From another thread: