Using The Right Sensor For an Arm Mechanism

Hey, which sensor is the best to use on an arm mechanism?
Specifically an arm mechanism like 971’s 2018 arm…
I’m looking right now at Andy Mark’s potentiometer and I think there is an option to use the mag encoder as an absolute encoder, will it work for an arm mechanism?
I am using Talon Srx so I need a sensor that I can plug to the Talon.

For an arm you probably want absolute positioning. An absolute encoder (the mag encoder can be used as this) will work great.

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Do you have experience working with the mag encoder as an absolute encoder? Did it work well?

We used AndyMark’s DART and Potentiometer for our arm for Power Up. It worked very well and we only had to use P(Proportional) control to move to a position.

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I’ve never used the Mag encoder as an absolute sensor, but I’ve used it extensively as a quadrature (distance) sensor where it was fantastic. It’s 12 bit, has no dead zone. There’s not really much that can go wrong.