Using the TableViewer Application

FIRST provides an application called TableViewer to look at and modify Network Table values on the fly, which they describe here: However, the application that I have looks nothing like the one on ScreenStepsLive, and when I tell it to connect as a client to my robot, it just says, “Disconnected”. Do I have the wrong version, or is the documentation out of date? How can I make mine connect to my robot?

I agree that the TableViewer look has changed significantly. I didn’t have any trouble getting it to connect to the robot as a client. Did you give it the Robot’s IP address?

The OutlineViewer is very similar. Have you tried it?

I did give it the robot’s IP address. What is outlineviewer? I saw it in the folder but didn’t know what it was for. Maye I should check it out.

It’s a slightly fancier version of TableViewer.