Using the TTL port on the RoboVasion (Edubot) Controller

Hi Guys!

I have a project in mind which should be pretty cool :slight_smile:

I have the old EduBot/RoboVasion (whatever you call it) controller laying around, and also an old Nokia 3300.

I want to use the TTL serial port on the controller to read data from the phones serial port
(info here --> )

The idea is to be able to read SMS messages that the phone receives, decode them, and have the controller act accordingly…


Cool, right? :slight_smile:

So my problems right now are:

  1. I lack basic knowledge in TTL port and general serial port communications.
  2. I don’t know how to read data from the TTL port or set the baud rate and other settings (on the controller).
  3. Not sure how to communicate with the phone (something about AT commands??).

If any of you can offer any guidance on any of these subjects I will appreciate it greatly.


Ok regarding number 3)…

I think this tutorial:
Pretty much sums up the AT commands I need.

Just need to know hot to use the microcontroller to send and receive them! :slight_smile:

(you can read about AT commands here:

Thanks again for reading and hopefuly helping :slight_smile:

I think to start off you should get a copy of Kevin’s code that includes the serial port library at

You should probably go for this one, as it is a pretty baseline version (none of the camera etc stuff you don’t need).

Inside you’ll find a document about “using previous rc” or something along those lines, and you’ll have to follow the instructions inside. You need to do this since the edu rc has an “older”/different chip than the current one.

Once you get the default code to compile and run, come back and we’ll start with the serial port communication.

OK I got it working…

I actually had to use this one:

from here:

Since I’m using the Edu-RC… :slight_smile:

Anyway It works great obviously (it’s Kevin’s code… :cool: ) and I managed to work with the serial port a bit:

Using the IFI Loader terminal window I sent the controller a 0 (zero) or a 1 and have it reply: “This is The One.” or “This is not The One.” accordingly.

In the process I hopelessly wrecked my phone’s serial communication port while trying to solder wires to it :frowning: so I’ll have to get another phone…

Thanks for the Help… I think I have got it figured out… Reading the data from the phone may yet pose a problem (what with buffers and stuff like that) but i’ll post back when I get to that bridge if there is any problem…

Thanks again!