Using Ultrasonic sensor Labview

hello guys we are having some difficult for configure the ultrasonic sensor E4C-TS50R anyone knows how to configure the Echo digital Module and the Ping digital Module

can you help us?

The datasheet I found suggests that the E4C-TS50 just reports the presence or absence of a target. It isn’t a rangefinder, which is what the LabVIEW Ultrasonic Sensor functions are designed for.

The sensor has an NPN output which activates when the sensor ‘sees’ an object. That output should be wired to the SIG pin of one of the DIO connections on the Digital Sidecar, and it will be read as a digital input.

Did you want a sensor to tell you the distance to a target, or is the simple yes/no reading from the TS50 what you need?

I need a sensor to tell me the distance from the target

Use the LV-maxsonar-EZ sensor from MAXBOTIX. This sensor was included in last year’s KOP. Using a single sensor is fairly easy to set up … connects to an analog input. Using LabView, you would use the Analog - Get Voltage VI, scale the value obtained for your choice of units (like inches), and offset the scaled value to put the ‘zero’ position of the reading at your front bumper (or wherever).

Multiple sensors are a bit more tricky since they can interfere with each other unless you arrange them electrically in a ring configuration and can initiate them with a very fast pulse. (This isn’t an issue if the sensing areas do not overlap, but sometimes this is exactly what you want.) The ring arrangement essentially time-shares the ‘pings’ by forcing the sensors to take turns. This should also effectively discriminate against pings that other robots are sending (using the same sensor), and will cut down on false reports.