Using USB Camera with SmartDashboard SFX

Title says it all.
We are using the example code to put the USB camera stream onto the default SmartDashboard. This works.
But we want to use the SmartDashboard SFX. How can we view the camera stream in it? (Or, more simply, what is the URL the usb camera stream is on?)

I have the same question. I’ve tried listening to port 1180 to see if the robot streams the video from that port, but no luck. Also I tried using WireShark to find the streaming packet.

USB cameras are not supported out of the box with SFX. Only MJPG streams are. USB cameras require the sfxcv plugin, which currently causes memory exploding issues with playback and requires some minor changes to sfx to support loading multiple external libraries (namely all of ffmpeg and opencv). I will try to get it working (though without playback) soon.

Is the camera stream being produced by the RIO not a MJPG stream?
Is there any documentation on the CameraServer available?